Chapter 250 Rough Summary/Synopsis

Well, now we know why Shinohara-sensei decided to showcase Switch On at such a time: this could be his last chance to ride the hype from the anime to elevate his popularity.

Let’s hope Tatsunoko will restart the Sket Dance anime, no?

Chapter 251 will come soon.

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Spoilers beware, and remember, this is not intended to be a full page for page translation.  This is only so that you have an idea of what is happening alongside the visuals

I have no guarantee that these are 100% accurate

Chapter 250: Switch On (10)

Page 1 – 6:

[ “Ya.  Nice to meet you” ]

“Let me punch once”


“Got a problem!?”

Page 7 – 10:

Usui’s dad is outside, telling the man to respect his home/territory, keep to the rules of society and pick back up the cigarette he littered.

“Onizuka, don’t let him escape!!”  “Right!”

[ “Wait, you won’t catch up!” ]

Usui offers they use his tracker, which can stick onto clothes.  There’s no way they will lose him then.

“If it’s aiming, leave it to me!!”

Fujisaki’s Poppman Goggles are broken, so he panicks if there is anything to use as a substitute.  Something that is similar to the goggles he has.

“Why would there!!  Who would have something this uncool!”

[ “Will this do?” ]  “It’s here!!”

Those are the goggles from that mecha anime Usui mentioned before, isn’t it?  Usui didn’t need it, but once when he saw them on the internet, he bought it on a whim.  Fujisaki can have it if he wants.

“Ahh … no … that wouldn’t be good …”

“Enough, didn’t I say hurry up!!”

Page 11 – 13:

These are a good pair of goggles, Fujisaki feels like he can’t miss at all.

The tracker can now be tracked over the map.  “That’s our Usui!!”

He stopped at a convenient store.  “Alright, I’ll catch him!”

Looks like he was seriously intimidated.

Onizuka, don’t let him escape!!


Wait, you won’t catch up!

If it’s aiming, leave it to me!!

That’s our Usui!!

I’ll catch him!

Page 14 – 16:

“Then, we’ll go back”

Mrs Usui reckons if her husband saw Kazuyoshi’s room now, he’ll be shocked.  The window’s totally smashed.

Mr Usui is fine with that though.  Friends went into Kazuyoshi’s room.

[ “I’m really sorry.” ]

[ “I’m very happy you people invited me.  I also understand this is the limit.  But the first step outside, still needs a little time.” ]

“Yeah.  That’s good.”

[ “The last step, I won’t need other people’s help.” ]

[ “I must do it myself.” ]

“We trust you.  We’ll wait for you, at school.”

Page 17:

Fujisaki is complaining about having to do this sort of handyman work.  It’s like they’re already some kind of freelancers before the Sket Dan has even been established.

“Weren’t you the one who so impressively something about if we can’t even do this sort of dirty work, how are we supposed to help anybody?”

“Nope, never said it.”  “A complete denial!  Uncool”

Fujisaki and Onizuka really want a clubroom and drink some tea.  They must have a teamaker in the room, and they should turn it into a room where everyone can come and drink some tea.

And they should look for a supervising teacher already, now that they have a candidate for the 3rd member.

Page 18 – 19:

No problem

No problem

I have to go



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