Chapter 251 Rough Summary/Synopsis

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Spoilers beware, and remember, this is not intended to be a full page for page translation.  This is only so that you have an idea of what is happening alongside the visuals

I have no guarantee that these are 100% accurate

Page 1 – 5:

No problem

“Hey~  Usui-shi, long time no see”

Check out his Reality Maji T-Shirt, a limited edition obtained from an event.  He’s not usually into rare goods, but Reality Maji is special.  Huh, could it be Usui-shi wants it?

[ “Don’t want” ]

Introducing the legendary synthesized voice software.  It’s like something seen out of an anime.  Can the voice be changed?  Of course.

[ “I love Otakura-kun” ] (Reality Maji’s voice)  Usui explains it’s too much for Otakura

But this laptop is really something.  Did Usui make it?

[ “The software was originally invented by my dead brother.” ]

“Is that so?  Then be sure to take good care of it.”

From now on, Usui will be talking from this laptop.  No one has an issue with that.

No problem

The bond between the three.  Now, starts!!

Chapter 251: Switch On (11)

Page 6 – 9:

“Yo.”  [ “Hey.” ]

“Well, let’s go!”

How was the class?  Good.

The supervisor of this class, he may look like the way he is, but Fujisaki thinks he’s a teacher who is considerate of the students.  He’ll surely agree to become their supervisor!

“Don’t joke around.  Who would want to do something this troublesome, idiots.  Go back you brats, or I’ll throw a bomb at you.”

Please reconsider~  Nah, he only lives for himself, he could care less about the students.

Chuu-san hasn’t seen Usui for so long, and the first thing he does is request something.  Got anything to say?

[ “I’m really sorry” ]

Usui wants to apologise.  Right now, they want to create a Campus Life Support Club, a club where they can listen to the troubles of students and give them a helping hand.  If Chuu-san permits, he would like to apply himself at such a place.

Atonement?  Nothing so noble.  He just wants to be of use to those two.

“One condition …”

Page 10 – 12:

To hold club activities, they’ll get a clubroom.  Chuu-san wants it set up as a place where he can have a smoke.  And leave a place for him to take a nap, a Tatami mat will do.

Fujisaki compliments Onizuka for remembering a place where there’s a spare mat.  It’s all thanks to Matsun.

Who’s Matsun?  Matsuda-san from the Tea Club, a good friend of Yassun.

Who’s Yassun?  Yasunaka-san from Class C, a good friend of Nakatani-san from Class A.

“I don’t know any of them!”

So happy

Onizuka is going to ask Yamanobe-sensei for permission to put the mat into the storeroom.  Fujisaki and Usui will go to the Student Council to apply for the club.

So happy

With 3 members and 1 supervisor, this should fulfill the requirements for applying for a club.  Still, the Student Council President is really strict, it may not be so simple.

“OK”  “Whatever is fine, this sort of stuff”

“The new President is so lax!!”

Club Founding Application, passed!

Page 13 – 19:

Apologies again.  He’ll be sure to apologise to all whom were troubled (by the Ura Site), he’ll give it his all for the Sket Dan, and please take care of him.  Rather, Usui should take care of them.

[ “Also … please call me Switch” ]

Fujisaki has heard from his mum.  Does Usui still intend on becoming his brother? [ “No”]

[ “It’s not that I want to become Masafumi, nor is there a need to do so.  I just like it like this, really.  Once I had enough, I’ll stop.

… To tell the truth, a part of me doesn’t want my brother’s appearance and name to disappear from this world.  However, I also understand there’s no point in doing this.  Just a bit.  Just for a bit longer …” ]

“Is that so?  I understand.  Then, please take care of us, Switch.”

[ Switch – still can’t let go of his computer. He doesn’t plan on talking with his own mouth, not even once.

[ Switch, with his original open personality supplemented with his sense of humour acquired from TV and the internet during his reclusion, likes to joke a lot. ]

“Smile for a bit”  [ “That’s too embarrassing” ]

[ But – his smile can’t be seen.

[ More time is needed before he truly returns to how he was.  We do a lot of things to help people, but we can’t do anything to save them.

[ So – wait for it.  Nothing needs to be done, no need to rush.  If it’s Switch, he can to let go of the computer by himself.  The day he smiles will come. ]

Let’s decide on nicknames!  He’ll be Boss.

“Enough already!  No one will call you Boss!”

[ “OK, Boss” ]  “Don’t call him!”

Isn’t it good though, it’s got a good leader feel to it.  Never, it’s too impressive for a small fry like him.  “What did you say!!”

Since he’s Fujisaki, can’t they just go with something like Fussan?  No, it’s too weak and too calculated.

It’s not calculated.  Fujisaki is Fussan, Matsuda is Matsun, Yasunaka is Yassun, it’s been decided like that from the start.

“Bossun.  If it’s Boss, then what about Boss?”

Bossun is great!  It’s got a silly feel to it, Bossun.  [ “The feeling of his brain being weak feels good too, Bossun” ]

Well, whatever.  At least then, people find it easier to emotionally connect with the boss.  Still infuriating though.

Now it’s Onizuka’s turn.  How about Oniko?

“Why the heck!”

“Uh … I just thought adding ‘-ko’ at the end will make it sound cute”

“How is it cute, Oniko!  It’s like our whole family are demons!”

“But your surname already has Oni- in it”

“No, even so, at least … uh, never mind.  It’s fine.”

“Kukuku.  It’s so cute it’s overkill.  But it’s not so bad.  Himeko.”

2008, December 5th

Club President, Fujisaki Yuusuke

Club Vice-President, Onizuka Hime

Secretary, Usui Kazuyoshi

“Well, let’s start”

Campus Life Support Club, founded

“Let’s pour some tea.”  “Yeah, nice!”

Team assembled!


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  1. Riplash

    Thank you so much for summarizing this arc as quick as you did. I really appreciate it. I feel this was a great arc. It was really sad and heartwarming. Switch~ ❤

  2. Mr Bushido

    Thank you soooo much for the summaries!! I’ve finally have the glimpse of switch on!!! The brst arc in the manga!!! 🙂


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