Chapter 252 Rough Summary/Synopsis

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Spoilers beware, and remember, this is not intended to be a full page for page translation.  This is only so that you have an idea of what is happening alongside the visuals

I have no guarantee that these are 100% accurate

Chapter 252: That Period

(TN: essentially the words used are “that time”, but the word being used is deeper than just ‘time’)

Page 2 – 5:

The Himeko of that period

While Himeko goes to pour tea, Bossun and Switch goes off to discuss pro-wrestling, and notes how cool one wrestler’s armband is.

“Wanna hear about this weird dream I had last night?”  Bossun and Switch goes on about stuff at the arcade.

So boring!!  Talking about pro-wrestling and games, are they kids!?  This is why she hates boys!

“I got it, cheer up, Himeko.  Here, have this.”

“What’s this?”  “Just an accessory.  I got it yesterday from a crane game.  I thought it suits you.”

“Hehe … also, you gave me this hat.”  “… Thanks”

[ “Didn’t I also give you the goggles?” ]  “None for you”

“Better cut my hair”

“How’s this!”  “Um … what is it, you?”

“Ah?  An image change, image change.  Since we’re starting club activities, thought I’ll make it refreshing!”

Well, Bossun didn’t explain that the choker is actually an armband after all.  It’s too big for Himeko’s arm anyway, best not to tell her the truth.

Page 6 – 7:

The Student Council of that period

“I leave everything to you, Agata.”  Former Council President, Shinjou Masamune

“Yes!”  Former General Affairs, new Council President, Agata Soujirou

“Do your best as well, 2nd years.”  Former Council Vice President, Sagara Yuusaku

“Leave it to me.”  Former Secretary, new General Affairs, Shinba Michiru

“Do your best as well, newly recruited kids.”  Former Financier, Sakaki Ritsuko

“I will do my best.”  New Financier, Unyuu Mimori

“DOS (Please take care).”  New Secretary, Asahina Kikuno

“I will put myself out there!  For the sake of a better school!!”  New Council Vice President, Tsubaki Sasuke

“Yeah, I look forward to your performance.”

That guy is very hot-blooded, the complete opposite of Agata.  It’s a good thing though.

Seeing as Tsubaki became the next President, we happened to have all 3 former, new and succeeding Presidents in the same room.

Kaimei Academy is close by, looks good, thinks Katou Kiri, still in 3rd year of middle school.  Turns out the person likely to become the next President was outside the window at the time.

Page 8:

The Saaya of that period

“I have nothing to do with you!!”

“Don’t get the wrong idea!!”

“Are you an idiot!?”

1st year, 2nd trimester was when Agata Saaya’s “Tsun” towards boys was at its peak.  From when she met Bossun and her “Dere” begun, there are still 365 days away.

Page 9 – 10:

The Cherry of that period

A mock test is held, and for the students this will be useful for verifying their current levels and possibly determine the academic path they’ll go towards.

3rd year middle school student Sakura Minoru has another idea.  Instead of choosing a school based on his academic abilities, he would much rather go to one where he can meet people who are similar to him.  But you can’t determine that from a mock test.


“You guys, which school are you going to enrol in?”

Page 11:

The Roman of that period

That period?  Oh, this is a series of short stories taking place in the past.  And these are all taking place in the 2nd trimester of the 1st year.

“ ‘Eh?’ ”  Why so surprised?  Oh, and seeing as this is taking place in the 1st year, better trim her hair~

I have already adjusted to my new environment, everyday has passed by happily.

Because this is a narration, there is no speech bubble.  But if she draws a speech bubble here…

“I have already adjusted to my new environment, everyday has passed by happily.”

That’s enough

Page 12 – 14:

The Switch and Yuuki-san of that period

Ah, Yuuki-san, this is the first time they’ve spoken to each other.  Pardon him for using the laptop.  That’s alright.

Anyway, that movie preview Switch-kun was looking at, isn’t that Dawn of the Linda?  Yep, does Yuuki-san like it too?

“This isn’t something that can be described as simply “like”.  This is my blood and flesh!”  [ “Is that so?  That’s frightening.” ]

More horror movie talk ensues.  This is the first time for the both of them to have come across someone so knowledgeable about horror movies.  Looks like they can become good friends.

Yuuki-san says she recently determined that she’ll make friends.  How?  Using Oujia (board).

[ “Oujia?” ]  What, she believes in such unscientific stuff?  “Science?”

Argument ensue.  Looks like they won’t be friends after all.

Page 15:

The Agata of that period

Quiz Research Club?  Got it.

Deka Club?  Whatever’s fine.

Occult Research Club?  It’s fine.    “Aren’t you a bit too lenient!?”

Months later, the Gesuling Club was approved.

Page 16 – 17:

The Dante of that period

To cut a long story short, Rodan tells everyone they need to decide on a good name for their band.

Dante had one name in mind, but a memo of his saying “Jardin” was put into the mix.  Rodan likes it, and it being French for “yard” strikes a chord with the rest of the band.

Dante originally wrote the shopping memo because his house had ran out of deodorant, brand name Jardin.  The band doesn’t know.

Page 18 – 19:

The Sket Dan of that period

The Tatami space has been made!  They got a bench that no one wants!  A counter with a tea-making set has been finished!

Club room complete \ ( ^ o ^ ) /

Everyone do your best!  Now to wait for clients to come!  Sket Dan activities shall now commence!!

(SFX: can’t sit still)

“Wanna hear about this weird dream I had last night?”  “Be quiet.”

Seven minutes in, and their current style has already been set in place.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 252 Rough Summary/Synopsis

  1. SunshineGal

    This chapter was THE bomb! x’) *Wipes tears of laughter away* It was just so amazing to see how everyone was a year back – hard to believe that some of them have changed so much while others haven’t changed at all! Oh, and Switch’s first non-SKET-Dan-sorta-friend was Yuuki-san?! Aaaaah… I wanna see all this in anime format!!! x(

    Anyway, thanks for all the updates – I can’t understand a word of Chinese / Korean / Japanese / whatever language the manga is in, and you can’t imagine how grateful I am to you for posting all this! 🙂 Thanks again! Please keep posting (Y)

    1. gamria Post author

      Glad you thought it was funny even before you had the visuals, that’ll make things more fun later on then.

      The manga is in Japanese, every fanbase scanlates from that language (although official publications do exist)

      As for Chapter 252, all I got out of that chapter was “Bossun, Himeko, JUST MARRY EACH OTHER ALREADY!!! You’ve essentially already exchanged wedding accessories (Usually rings)!”


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