Chapter 254 Rough Summary/Synopsis

Hey there everyone, I’m back with another Rough Summary.

Now, I know I’ve been silent for several weeks, but work and personal life has been hectic.  Drains away motivation, you know?  But hopefully with this, I’ll soon get back into my groove.

I know that there’s 253, but this chapter is way, way more fun.  I’ll get back to it later.

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Spoilers beware, and remember, this is not intended to be a full page for page translation.  This is only so that you have an idea of what is happening alongside the visuals

I have no guarantee that these are 100% accurate

Page 1 – 2:

“Nobody move!!!”   “Is this the Sket Dan?  I’m asking you if this is the Sket Dan!?  Answer me!”

“Ah, sorry about that.  I didn’t intend to scare you, I apologise.  I really have some … bad habits.”

“Good news and bad news, what do you want to hear first?”

“What’s with this Hollywood feel!!?”


Chapter 254: Hollywood Movie Stardust

Page 3 – 4:

Meet Hariu Deuger (something like that), an English teacher at Kaimei in charge of one of the 2nd year classes.  “Call me Harry”

(TN: Ha-ri-u Do-u-ei-ga  is a pun on “Hollywood Movie (Eiga)”)

When he was in school, Harry-sensei participated in a couple of plays.  He’s a big fan of movies, and he once even wanted to be an actor.  People often say he’s like a seiyuu, and Bossun admits that he’s got a good voice.

After more Hollywood fanatic shenanigans, Himeko tells him to hurry up with his request.


Page 5 – 6:

[ The incident occurred 15 minutes ago, the location was the staff room ]  “Why is the flashback ‘24’!?”

Meet Harry’s Madonna, Erika-sensei.  It was virtually love at first sight.

[ “It suddenly feels like some sort of American youth drama.” ]  “How is this ‘24’!?”


‘Ah~  Erika-sensei

SOOOOO cute~

Should I ask her out on a date?’

“Harry-sensei, please go out with me”

“Are you an elementary student!!?”  Once his feelings explode, his pen has a bad habit of moving on its own.  “Just how much bad habits do you have!?”


Harry returns Erika’s notes to her, and she returns his DVD to him.

Like him, Erika also has an interest in movies.  She’s got a sense of maturity to her, but to his surprise, she’s also has a love of Action and Spy films.  He’s attracted to this part of her, and she is particularly fond of those scenes where the female spy tests the male spy.

……  Oh no!


Page 7 – 8:

So, the mission this time is for the four of them to work together, divert the attention of the other teachers, open Erika’s desk and retrieve the memo.

To put it another way, this will be an operation where they will infiltrate the staff room, and the Sket Dan will serve as bait to lure the targets away, while Harry will go and retrieve the confidential document.

Harry has heard that the Sket Dan are very good people, like in a Spy Film!  No matter what kind of mission they are faced with, they will tackle it!


[ Mission Impossible theme:  dan-dan-doda, dan-dan-doda, dan-dan-doda, dan-dan-doda ]

The boys get psyched from Harry’s compliment, and Himeko hates boys for this.

[dan-dan-doda, dan-dan-doda ]

Page 9 – 11:

15:17 – Preparations complete in front of Staff Room

[ parara~ parara~ parara~rara]

Harry marks the area of the English teachers.  Switch gives him an earphone disguised as a bandage, fitting in with the Hollywood theme.

“Alright – let’s get this party started!”

“Let’s all put on a good show!”

[ “It’s showtime!” ]

“What’s with this B-grade movie!”


15:20 – Infiltration

[dan-dan-doda, dan-dan-doda, dan-dan-doda, dan-dan-doda]

[ parara~ parara~ parara~rara]

Targets successfully lured away!!


Page 12 – 14:


“Mayday, mayday, please respond.  I’m here.  Hidden under the desk.”

Idiot!  Compared to smoothly opening the drawer, escaping from his location is much harder!  If anyone sees him in this state, everyone will just see him as a pervert obsessed over Erika!

“Huh?  Where did the eraser go off to?”


Page 15 – 17:

Ding ding ding!  It’s the emergency alarm bell, what’s going on?

“Everyone, it’s an earthquake!!  Please crawl under a desk!”

It’s all over …

“You sure crawled quick.  Then I’ll crawl under this desk.”


15:29 – Retrieved

Page 18 – 19:

“To the nervous and tense Harry-sensei, thanks for all you hard work in your retrieval.”

It would appear Erika had already discovered the memo while they were chatting in the clubroom.

Wait, if that’s the case, why would she place the memo back into the notebook?  Unless, she knew he would come to retrieve it?

Another strange thing: isn’t it strange that the alarm rung during an earthquake?  Normally it rings in the event of a fire, and there weren’t much shaking either.

Did someone deliberately trigger the alarm?

[dan-dan-doda, dan-dan-doda, dan-dan-doda-dan]

Then the person who shouted “Earthquake!”, and helped Harry-sensei, who crawled under Erika’s desk, was …

[ Chara~]  Erika-sensei!?

“About 50 points for today’s test, kiddo”

“How troublesome, these two”


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