To Kaoarika

This post is a response to the following post that Kaoarika posted on his Tumblr blog:

This will contain stuff about recent developments in the manga, so spoilers beware

Now I usually don’t respond much to other bloggers on the internet, but on occasions like this, I thought it best to keep misconceptions from happening.  If I could, I would’ve discreetly responded with a Rough Summary, but unfortunately Jojohot hasn’t reached as far as 279 yet.

With all due respect, the purpose of this post is to clarify a few things:

1. The Sket Dan has not retired.  Or I should say that our Sket Dan trio is close to retiring.

The Pocket Dan, however, has dissolved, and its 3 members have joined the Sket Dan.

The point of the Inherit the Twin Stars arc is to finally settle the question of the succession for both the Sket Dan and the Student Council.  A time for the successors to approach the mantle, a time for the successors to struggle into their role.

(And for your information, Agata and Michiru retired in Winter)

In the case of the Sket Dan, the Pocket Dan trio will have to operate as part of the Sket Dan and slowly take things over.  Our Sket Dan trio will certainly be there to supervise them, too early to leave everything to them.

I can see the Sket Dan trio still helping anyone in need even after their retirement though.  The club itself is just one way for others to seek help.

Although I can see the following happening: the Pocket Dan’s clients will come to the Sket Dan no problem, but the Sket Dan’s clients, they’ll visit, but will want to see the Sket Dan trio as opposed to the Pocket Dan trio.  In response, Bossun insists that they consult Tact and his group, since they’ve been entrusted with as their successors.


2. To reiterate to everyone who reads this, while the manga is approaching the ending, as in building up to the ending bit by bit, it is not ending ending.

Personally, the approach that Shinohara has taken with the manga lately, I think that while it’s his way of wrapping up the cast’s stories, I think that it’s also his way of delivering a message: the manga will end at some point.  Sket Dance will not be like Kochikame nor Gintama, it will not be following the Sazae-san rule.

While I do think time has been moving really fast (though to be fair, Summer has lasted 20 chapters this time, as opposed to 12), I seriously doubt that Shinohara will end the manga as it is.

And I am not of the belief that just because Himeko admits that she loves Bossun that the manga is ending soon.  Sket Dance is a very grounded manga, so while Bossun and Himeko’s relationship is a huge draw, I highly doubt Shinohara will go “oh they fall in love, the end!”  Love is just one aspect of life, so it’ll just be a side dish, not the main course.  With or without love, high school life will end at graduation.

The manga may be building up to the Sket Dan’s graduation as the end of the series, but end of 279 aside, there are still so much stuff that we can look forward to, like:

  • 3rd Popularity Poll (we must have one!!)
  • Kaimei Cultural Festival
  • Christmas and Winter Break
  • New Years
  • Valentines (we all want to see how things will proceed this time around, right?)
  • Momoka (it’s been too long!)
  • Switch talking

With this much possibility, I can see the manga lasting at least half a year longer.

And I have faith that when the manga is finally going to end, Shinohara will make it clear.


That’s about all I want to say, I hope this post reassures a few things.

Kaoarika, if there’s anything you would like to ask, you’re always welcome to do so


2 thoughts on “To Kaoarika

  1. KaoArika

    Wow… I often don’t know how to respond to this. I feel a bit scolded though (Yeah, I also have the username of kirara19, btw, but since I used that username in other wordpress blog it stayed)… because I don’t know how to react about this, I’m not that often called for attention from other blog. However I’m open for all about clarification, and stuff like this, since I’m not an expert, and it always is better to improve themselves.

    I’m VERY sorry if I led some misconceptions about some of the stuff that I pointed in there and the original post that I did before that one. Especially since, I don’t know the language and I make some very few assumptions that maybe are incorrect, and maybe not. And the other is that I made the original post of that at VERY earlier in the morning (big mistake), just around the time I have to be slept, and I THINK my comments just led to some stuff that the rest of the guys in there started to panic around. (And I admit I was panicking around also because of someone’s post too ._.) and I just needed to say some stuff trying to calm everything around just because of my fault later at night.

    I have no hard feelings about this, I’m just a bit… nervous? to be called somehow from the nothing to respond something like this (I’m also not used to it, in all honesty. I don’t like to call names so much either), and better right now than later if this whole mess of missunderstandings gets bigger and bigger.

    Thank you so much about this, and I find not need to do a new post about it, the post of my tumblr above has been edited a little redirecting to here just in case everyone is curious and if they don’t know about here, and the rest of the entry is just behind a read more cut, just in case.

    About the other stuff, I think you put it in much more better words than me, though we have been having this constant reminding about the series eventual end since…I think, past they started their 3rd year, and no doubt about it, the time has been passing by so quickly and there is stuff that I agree is still inconclusive… there’s so much to tell, right? That’s what I have been saying since 2 weeks ago. There’s still too much left to tell and to conclude. Shinohara has left a lot of his heart in the series, I know he isn’t going to dissapoint.

    I feel a little relaxed too, now, though. Thank you so much.

    1. gamria Post author

      Hey KaoArika/Kirara19, thank you for your understanding, and if I ended up as rude and causing offence, I do apologise.

      Oh well, we’re both similar in that we both just want to keep the fandom updated on the latest ongoings of the manga (for those who want to of course) given the distance we are from Japan. And we both are too excitable to keep the knowledge all to ourselves, moreso given recent developments

      Don’t stop with your blog posts though, I’m always eager to read comprehensive opinions and discussions on Sket Dance and other works I like


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